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What I learned in my first startup failure and how you can determine if and when to cut your losses.

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Let’s be honest: I know why you’re here.

You’re excited to hear another startup failure story from someone whose dreams have crashed and burned before them, even better to hear it was all their fault (what a poor, pathetic loser of an entrepreneur they must be), and you can’t wait to use this example as an excuse to justify your own entrepreneurial self-doubt or shortcomings.

Don’t worry; I meant what I said in the title, and I will deliver.

I’ll even offer some helpful takeaways that you may be able to apply to your own current startup or other future ventures down the line. …

The unexpected truths of going from minimum wage to retired multi-millionaire by age 22.

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Mandy went from living in a van, parked illegally along a trash-filled Venice Beach alleyway, to jetting off to Paris, Rome, Milan, New York…all over the world (literally — they took a trip around the world). She stayed in five-star hotels, wined and dined at the Nobus of the world (and the actual Nobu of New York and L.A.), and tried to quell the untamable anger boiling up inside her with each spoonful of caviar she jammed down her throat as Jon’s eyes remained glued to a 7-inch screen, scrolling for his next supercar purchase.

Jon wasn’t just a millionaire.

He was a tens-of-millions millionaire, and he had the garage full of neon-colored supercars to prove it, valued at about 5% of his total net worth. Jon was an aspiring actor, a 22-year-old retiree, and a recipient of the early adopter award for his Bitcoin investment of about $10k on his 19th birthday. …

Do you even know who you’re talking to?

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In my very short time writing daily on Medium, I’ve noticed a trend:

There are countless top writers and Medium professionals teaching the other money-hungry, novice writers just what it takes to be successful as a writer, particularly on Medium.

They aren’t just teaching them to be successful on Medium; they’re teaching them to build an entire business around their writing and offering the steps and resources to do so.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, and startup consultant, you might think I already have my own formula to turn a hobby or passion (like writing) into success and subsequent profitability.

Well, after my first experimental week of writing every day, not because I had to but because I wanted to, I’ve officially earned more than enough to cover my daily Starbucks order. This is actually quite surprising, since my Starbucks order is pretty complicated, consists of two drinks, and is probably the bane of most baristas’ existence (thank you, Starbucks employees, for tolerating me!). …

From Wall Street to ramen to CEO, here are my thoughts.

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For the past couple decades, society has glamorized the university experience and held four-year diplomas in quite high esteem. At least, that’s how it used to be. Then, somewhere along the way, four years was no longer enough. You needed a Ph.D., an MBA, an M.Sc., and pretty much the whole alphabet trailing your name to prepare you for the most introductory role in your chosen field. Soon enough we’re handing fancy degrees to 30-somethings who’ve never worked a real job or earned a dime in their field of interest.

Let me be honest about my waltz into a highly-coveted 6-figure job in a prestigious industry at the age of 22: I planned it…but there’s more to it. …

Are you a bad person for salivating over others’ failure stories or is there a productive lesson to be learned in our morbid curiosity?

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The other day I was watching an interview with a highly successful full-time writer and digital entrepreneur. I was hoping to learn from his success on certain platforms, but as I stared at his impressive revenue stats, I could feel the jealousy boiling inside me.

And then he said the most endearing thing ever.

He said something along the lines of “back when I was in prison”, followed by a sprinkling of confessions of having been a drug dealer, a thief, and a bad person all around.

I perked up and immediately felt hopeful again.

Sure, he was in the top 1% (maybe even 0.1%) of earners on his primary revenue-generating platform. Sure, he had a six-year headstart on me. Sure, he had a fluffy niche full of self-help hungry readers and customers, awaiting voraciously his new listicle, so they could quickly devour and just as quickly forget his artfully-worded, well-researched…

The number 1 way to tell how things are going in your life right now.

Author’s dog in yoda alien costume, surrounded by other aliens
Author’s dog in yoda alien costume, surrounded by other aliens

Have you ever thought you were having a bad day, only to have something even worse happen that now makes the prior “bad day” seem like a walk in the rainbow unicorn garden park?

I’ve had many bad days in my life. That’s not to say I haven’t had my fair share of good days, but the bad ones seem to sear deeper into my memory.

There was the day my dad died. There was the day I didn’t get into Stanford. There was the day my dog had uncontrollable diarrhea and relieved herself on every carpet corner, more than a dozen times…actually, that one lasted for a few days — I’d almost be tempted to call that a bad week. …

And why I learned the hard way to always choose “box” not “bag” packaging

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When your friends ask where you found your breathtakingly beautiful, customized, one-of-a-kind wedding dress, the last thing they expect to hear is that you got it from an online retailer in China, sight unseen…

In fact, my fiance was so embarrassed by the true origins of my customized wedding dress that he pleaded with me to keep it a secret from our friends and family.

However, I had a completely different perspective.

I was proud.

I had played the system and won.

I saved money, got exactly what I wanted, and didn’t have to step foot outside my living room or interact with a single person face-to-face.

That might sound a little anti-social of me, but given that I was ordering my dress amidst the pandemic, this whole no-contact thing was actually very fitting. …

Marketing lessons from an infuriating Christmas Eve.

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When you come face-to-face with 36 flamingos sewn artfully into a giant throne, enveloped in a halo of soft, cloud-like feathers, with threatening beaks erect, ready to pierce the behind of the courageous majesty who dares sit upon them, you might do a double-take.

When a cursory glance to the left and right reveals that these flamingos are quite at home in this setting, flanked by metallic frog heads-turned-purses, robot backpacks, and polar bear benches, you might even be moved to investigate.

This is exactly how Christmas Eve of 2020 started out for me…

Well, the real story began on Christmas Eve’s eve (December 23), at around 6 pm, right when the mall was closing. …

A controversial perspective on diamond rings and wedding things.

Bright yellow-green diamond engagement ring.
Bright yellow-green diamond engagement ring.

Imagine if your spouse bought you a random house in a random state as a complete surprise… and then said you have to live in it for the rest of your life.

That’s kind of what the wedding industry tells us about engagement rings.

Ever since 1948, when De Beers ran the ad with the slogan “A Diamond is Forever”, much of society has submitted to the convention that men choose and buy engagement rings for women, who are expected to grin, bear it, and wear it forever. …

Spoiler alert: being Type A didn’t help.

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January is usually the peak time for gym memberships, hard-core dieting, and a fresh start of new personal health and fitness goals and routines, ripe for the breaking. However, what if there was an easier way?

What if you could lose the weight and get in tip-top shape without months of dreading the gym and limiting your daily intake to celery, protein, and more celery…

Well, that’s exactly what I was hoping for when I sought out a weightloss hypnotist to help me shed those pesky 10–15 pounds I couldn’t seem to lose. …

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