The Most Shocking Thing I’ve Ever Learned About Business (And How to Use It to Your Advantage)

Here are 4 tips to ace the workplace, no matter your career. Every graduate and new employee needs to hear this.

Rachel Greenberg


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Starting a new job can be one of the most intimidating moments in your career…especially your first job (or one you don’t feel you deserve)

I’ve been there. Have you ever walked into an interview knowing you were among the least qualified for the position and subsequently walked into your first day on the job, scratching your head over how you possibly fooled them?

I’ve done this quite a few times…in fact, I feel like I’ve done this with every single job in my professional corporate career. From my JP Morgan summer internship to my full-time investment banking job in Wells Fargo’s M&A group.

To every employer who’s ever hired me, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you one little secret: I’m a great actress.

Okay, I’m not saying the interviews were 100% acting. It was probably 30% strategy, 20% brains, and the other 50% knowing what it takes to present well at an interview and get the job. We can call that last 50% acting.

But here’s the funny thing: you didn’t tell me one very big secret either.

All of your employees are master actors, as well. Most of them deserve an Oscar or at least a Daytime Emmy for the confident, competent performance they put on day-to-day.

If you’re new to the workforce, I’m so sorry to burst your bubble.

What I’m about to tell you is kind of like telling an 8-year-old that Santa Claus isn’t real…

So, brace yourself, because this just may actually rock your world. If you were in the midst of holding your colleagues and employers in some high esteem or putting them on a pedestal out of your reach, you can breathe a sigh of relief and let go of those lofty expectations…



Rachel Greenberg

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